Tuesday, July 08, 2014

'मैं एक लड़की'

'मैं एक लड़की '

छोटा सा मन है, छोटे से हैं ख्वाब मेरे

छोटी सी चाहतें, छोटी सी ख्वाहिशें

उन्हें कहना चाहूँ तो कह न पाऊँ

बिना कहे भी तो रह न पाऊँ

लिखना चाहूँ तो अलफ़ाज़ न मिलें

न लिखू तो खुशियों को आवाज़ न मिले

कभी लगे की दिल खोल के कह दूँ,

कितना तो आसान है

कहने लागूं तो लगे कि शायद

मैं दिल से और दिल मुझ से ही अनजान है

कभी मचलना चाहूँ लहरों की तरह

तो कभी मन करे कि हवा सी बह जाऊं कही

फूलों सी खिलखिला के हंस दूँ

याँ औंस की तरह ठहरी हुई रह जाऊं कहीं

कभी उड़ना चाहूँ खुले आस्मां में

तो कभी गरजता भी है दिल बादलों की तरह

कभी बर्फ की तरह पिघलती रहूँ थोड़ी थोड़ी

तो कभी एक दम से बीत जाऊं पलों की तरह

जब खुद का अक्स देखूं पानी में

तो हर कोई साफ़ लगे पानी की तरह

फिर खुद ही सहम जाऊं डर जाऊं

पन्नों में खामोश सी कहानी की तरह

पर कोई है जिसे भरोसा है मुझ पर और मुझे उस पर

जिससे मेरे सवाल भी मेरी तरह नादान रहते हैं

मेरा तो वह दोस्त है

लोग शायद उसे भगवान कहते हैं

बस छोटी सी चीज़ों में छोटी सी खुशियां

छोटी सी मैं और छोटी सी उम्मीद भी

छोटा सा मन है, छोटे से हैं ख्वाब मेरे

छोटी सी चाहतें, छोटी सी ख्वाहिशें

Thursday, May 22, 2014

An Open Letter to Sh. Arvind Kejriwal

Dear Sir
It has been a total 360 degree turn till now since you were sworn in as Delhi CM approximately five and half months ago and I would like to start with one thing you had said on your swearing in ceremony speech at Ram Leela maidan which I doubt you or any of your followers remember now. You had said,” It’s our prime responsibility to take care that no other party needs to be formed because of us” It was a deep understanding of what you and Aam Aadmi Party had stood for. There was another hidden pessimist fact there that if you would fail, it will take more than the time it had taken since rise of Janta party in 1977 to get that faith and hope restored in minds of ‘AAM AADMI’ of India.
Arrogant misuse of power against peaceful protests had lead to birth of your party where you symbolized the uncommon traits of Honesty, Integrity and principals. Brilliant use of strategy and creativity with the help of thousands of youth looking for a change had come together under your leadership and you succeeded to build that credibility and faith in the minds and hearts of AAM AADMI of India. And outcome was a grand historic success in Delhi assembly elections.
But here things started turning 180 degree right from the very next day of the ceremony and completed half swing right before grand failure in Loksabaha Elections. With each and every passing day, with each and every move played, you and your party evolved gradually yourselves in a political party. Yes, you kept moving away from those traits of honesty, integrity and principals and aligned yourself with all those which are better known as POLITICS. ('आम आदमी पार्टी' से छोटा होता 'आम आदमी' और बड़ी होती 'पार्टी' ). You went so ahead that you didn’t even hesitate to ask for a fractured mandate from people by trying to create a fear of monopolistic government in their minds when everyone knows that on the grounds of same fractured mandate you had resigned from the CM chair. Questions you once asked on behalf of AAM AADMI, took a back seat and politics of always being in news drove your policy ahead. Such was the change that your call of ‘Janta wants to know’ started raising a question in the minds of same Janta that which Janta you were referring for. National ambitions for AAM AADMI was never out of context but that AAM AADMI you ONCE REPRESENTED never wanted you to leave Delhi hanging in air and start aiming for PM chair. And if you weren’t aiming for PM chair, it meant by claiming that all your efforts are to stop Sh.Modi and Sh. Rahul Gandhi, you were all set to leave India’s fate on the mercy of Sh. Mulayam Singh Yadav, Smt Mayawati, Smt Mamta Banerjee etc. Such were the eyes filled with political ambitions that you didn’t even ask AAM AADMI before quitting whose opinion you had seek before forming the government. You could have easily started working in Delhi patiently and one by one contested every state in assembly elections in next five years and I am sure you would have successfully filled that vacuum in states due to which you have won your only seats in Lok Sabha elections.
Well, what you had lost was set to be lost in this transformation from AAM AADMI PARTY to another POLITICAL PARTY. Question was now what ahead? First, now you can’t claim to fight on same traits of Honesty, Integrity and Principals as we have all seen them broken one by one, bit by bit. Now you can’t claim to voice the same Janta ki awaaz you once had represented. But of course you can start afresh in Delhi again. For that first you have to accept your mistakes of dong what you had done as well as ignoring thousands of those who tried to advise you and ended up abused and trolled by your and AAP followers. But that acceptance must come from heart after introspection and realizing that the change you had brought in your party from AAM AADMI PARTY to another POLITICAL PARTY can’t be reversed. Yes, you have to and you should start as a political party now. First step for this would be to talk to congress again and see if government could be formed again as still assembly has not been dissolved yet. I know you will get a lot of criticism from BJP, from BJP followers and from public but you should give it an honest try and once the government is formed, you work and work and work to prove the critics wrong. That’s the only way to get that pride and confidence of people back. And if congress says a straight no then go in the elections with a brave heart as a politician, the art you have perfectly learnt till now.
I was about to end that letter and came to know that you had already took those steps of contacting congress and LGuv. But the way was the same. Fooling people? You and your party said it was just a meeting with LGuv and you chose to hide the fact that you have asked him to give you time to form the government. Why did you hide it? Why couldn’t you accept your mistake honorably without any theatrics and tried that transparently? And then came your Jail dramatics and other big guns of your party were ever ready to incite in peoples mind that your people are victims of the system. It was sad and disheartening to see instead of a deep introspection and thinking about those who were founding members of your party and had left you, you chose to think about those who brought you at that end and followed same path to get that media attention and ripples in the smooth air.
P.S. Sir, you are requested to go through the first half of my letter above once again and think to do it that way and get rid of the path which have got hold of you. Else I am sorry to say as an AAM AADMI, hope of having a third genuine viable option after BJP and Congress are bleak very bleak.
For Strenth of Democracy.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Verdict – 2014, History for one and An eye opener to introspect for others

Verdict – 2014, History for one and An eye opener to introspect for others

There is Exuberance all over. Tears of joy, high spirits, enthusiasm, cheer on the faces and a billion hopes of fulfillment of hopes are being seen around as a new sun in the Indian democracy comes up on the horizon. From school going kids to roadside hawkers all are happy and hope that ‘Achhey din aane wale hain’. People of India had risen above politics of Caste, Creed and Community and voted for Good Governance and Development. Before moving ahead I would like to mention few things which have made this election win for BJP a historic one.
A clear majority verdict in favor of one single party other than Congress first time in the history of Independent India, Loss of big names like Sachin pilot, Susheel Kumar Shinde (Home minister), Kapil Sibbal (Law minister), Salman Khurshid (Foreign Minister) lost deposit, Ghulam Nabi Azzad(Central Minister), Shree prakash Jaiswal (Coal Minister), Pawan Bansal (Ex-Railway minister), Farooq Abdulla (Central Minister), Ajit Singh (Aviation Minister), Priya Dutt, Rabri Devi, Navin Jindal, Nandan Nilekani to name a few, Clean sweep in Rajasthan Gujarat, HP and Uttarakhand and huge miraculous victory in UP with 71 out of 80 seats is to name a few, Aam aadmi party losing deposit money on 421 seats out of 443 they were fighting on, Congress falling below 50 and not been able to present a leader of opposition on their own, First largest party getting more than six times seats than second largest party, State level parties succumbing barring a few, Congress reducing to zero in most number of states. First time India has got a PM with 12 years executive experience.
All I can say is its not only a historic win for BJP but a historic fall for all other parties except TMC, AIADMK and BJD succeeding in holding their heads high in this wave of TsuNamo.
Not comparing the political contexts and gravity of situations I call this victory even bigger than post emergency victory of Janta Party on a fair contest term. Post 1977 it was Congress Vs All Others + Media and Congress got 189 seats. In election 2014 it was All Others + Congress +Media Vs BJP and Congress got 44. Believe it or not, like it or not but this has actually happened. BJP has got majority and Sh. Narendra Modi is going to be our new Prime Minister despite every other rival lobbying around one single man and using every trick in their armor.
After that historic win Narendra Modi ji held two rallies one in Vadodara and second one in Ahmedabad and one address at Varanasi and in his three public addresses in two day perhaps he had spoken more than our previous prime minister had spoken in his entire reign of ten years. In his two speeches he conveyed his thanks to everyone, bid a kind of farewell full of grace and gratitude to people of Gujarat and asked their permission to play a bigger role for nation, Like a statesman humbly asked every rival to come along and work together for a common goal of nation-building, and very beautifully linked movement for independence with a need to create a movement for development and how every single person can feel proud of being a soldier of this movement for development. Further to already started work, in his address at Varanasi he initiated a mission for Clean India to be completed by 150th birth anniversary of Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi in 2019 and again beautifully linked it with Gandhi’s vision of cleanliness.  
By invoking social responsibility and a feel of playing a role and being a part in the process of development, among the people, he perfectly started laying down fundamental conditions required for engineering a drive for change in social development.
There are no usual meetings, chaos to name cabinet, ministers running here and there after winning and announcing so many things as it used to be the political scene till now. It is looking like a mature, sincere and a team of leaders with grace, about to take charge of PMO.
For crirtics I may sound like a Modi Bhakt but the truth is Bhakts (Blind Followers) will always be followers and Critics will always criticize selectively. Like right after Mr. Modi’s interview, few so called Senior Political analysts were complaining why there is no haphazardness of forming cabinet, why in his first speech Mr. Modi has not named his ministers of cabinet, why Mr. Modi has suggested that it will take around 10 years to make this 21st century a century of India if he had asked for 60 months to show what work he can do. Few journalists with pseudo mindset had raised questions of Mr. Modi’s visit to Vishwanath Temple and performing Aarti and termed it Hindu appeasement. Some went further ahead to ask him to pay a visit to a masjid also if he is secular. No doubt they can fall to new illogical dumb lows every other day. Critics are critics and they will keep criticizing Mr. Modi for every other thing like our generous media has kept doing it through the mouths of so called Sr. Analysts, Sr. Journalists filled with pseudo mindsets who seems to have lost their neutral eye a long back. And followers will keep defending every blunder as oppositions agenda like Congress followers are doing from years now and may be BJP or Modi follower will do it too in case if he fails (I Hope he doesn’t as it will fail mine as well as millions’ only hope as of now).
Our task as thinkers is to evolve ourselves to glance the present and focus ahead on more important things now. I would discuss road for BJP, Congress, AAP and Regional parties one by one.
First time BJP has received votes from even Rural, Tribal, Dalits, Backward as well as Muslims that they have won approximately 75% seats in Muslim majority areas and all 13 seats reserved for Backward and Dalits in UP. First time since its inception, BJP has got a presence in almost all states. Everyone they have fielded succeeded in winning. Such was the wave of Mr. Modi that even Poonam Mahajan has defeated Priya Dutt by a big margin. Here BJP need to do an introspection that people have voted for Mr. Modi. People have voted on the name of Mr. Modi. Had it been someone other than Mr. Modi, BJP could have ended up around 150. No doubt there is no other leader in contemporary Indian politics who comes even 50 % at par with vision he has. His one single speech at SRCC is enough to proof his credentials as visionary. We who use internet and have access to better facilities could analyze our choice basis these things. But it was a great job done by BJP workers and selfless RSS workers working in tribals and rural India who took Mr. Modi’s message in those dark and internal parts of India where people have been deliberately kept poor and illiterate for vote bank. A best leader at the top and best workers at ground level made this impossible a possible reality. But there is a gap, a big gap in between. State level strength and good leaders at state and corporation level is a big gap BJP must realize about. With triumph in national elections they have a much greater responsibility to fulfill aspirations of those who have voted for them as well as who haven’t. On the same hand they need to equally strengthen their organization in states. Barring a couple of states there aren’t good leaders properly placed at states that people could see with a faith, trust and credibility. Good governance and development agenda has to be taken down the line to corporations as well. Hard work and enthusiasm must be carried forward to overhaul state machinery for next five years in every assembly elections. This energy should be continued to carry in upcoming Maharashtra, Delhi and Haryana assembly elections. UP and Bihar must be taken care the most and BJP under good leadership in these two states is utmost necessary to carry on development in these two least developed states. Another mission must be for North-East India and we wish a name like Dr. Swamy or a big leader to be given that responsibility to revive North East India. Someone with big credentials needs to be given a task to take care of J&K and revive Kashmir and Laddakh. And along with ground level workers, social media intellects who have successfully defeated sick pseudo secular agendas still need to keep working their selfless work to keep those anti social elements at bay.
After getting such a worst defeat that even opposition needs to be a coalition, Congress need to introspect and bring a total change in their way of working. Till now they have never looked beyond a clan for occupying top position and in one way or another that top clan has controlled every policy and thought process. They have never come out of using secularism rant, freebies and subsidies for sure short vote bank. In last five years there leadership has drastically failed to stand up against odds of policy failures, scams, security of people but still instead of accepting that with humility they shamelessly kept asking votes on the promises of removing poverty the way they had ben doing since last 30 years from the time of Smt Indira Gandhi. Their two virtual leaders or power centre, Mother –Son duo never came forward and gave an explanation to numerous scams. It took 7 long days for PMO to give a one line statement on an Incidence of rape which shook moral grounds of whole nation. How can they expect people of India to believe that they are serious about woman empowerment in such conditions? A leader show his character by what he stands for and leadership under which congress is working has never shown any strength of character. Only one attribute congress followers give to Mr Rahul Gandhi is how he took a bold stand against Ordinance for tainted ministers but the reality is that was not a pro stand he had taken. He only replied honestly in the flow when a journalist asked about it and then party had to keep his words. In a true democracy ruling party and opposition both must be strong enough to represent its people. Congress, with its age old ideology and western centric way of running the country under flag of one family need to be reduced to ashes. Where every big leader of BJP could be seen saying he is just a karykarta (worker) of party and whatever role party decide for them they accept it with honor and exemplifies humbleness even after a great win, congress leaders could be seen full of arrogance defending their failure in their second regime and even after humiliating defeat that arrogance is intact.  I just wish honest congress leader to rise above Gandhi clan and revive the party with a deep introspection.
After a miraculous win at assembly elections in Delhi, their every action kept taking them away from what they stood for. Corruption took a back seat and every campaign converged to stop bandwagon of Mr. Modi. A party associating everything they do with the name of Aam Aadmi wasn’t campaigning against ruling party which was responsible for sufferings of Aam Aadmi and instead tried their level best to stop the opposition best positioned to displace that ill rule full of corruption. Ultimately national ambitions of Aam aadmi party get halted due to hate propaganda they were spreading against India’s most loved leader. They kept on saying they will stop Modi and Rahul by any mean but never held a base to the question who will we end up having as PM Mulayam singh Yadav or Mayawati in that case. In the process they fell from a party with aam aadmi aspirations and hopes to just another party with high political ambitions. Such was drastic performance of this change that 421 out of 443 fielded candidates lost their deposits. Only 4 seats they managed to win was in the Malwa region of Punjab which was a strong hold of Shiromini Akali Dal and a high level of incumbency went against them as well as four candidates had a rich past and credible history. ). I hope AAP do well in state elections in Punjab as well and that should have been the way to move ahead providing a viable alternative with properly searched and acceptable candidate in most of the states where congress, BJP or regional parties have failed to work for aam aadmi. I wish they realize they didn’t lose due to lack of experience in politics and won due to non compromised honesty as Mr. Yogendra yadav has stated today, they lost due to politics they played and honesty they compromised (Not to mention AAP leader was the only one caught distributing money in VaranasiAAP need to introspect and oh dear Mr. Kejriwal it is going to be very tough to become a party for aam aadmi again.
Most of the regional parties were came into existence due to specific needs unattended of a particular set of people and that lead to birth of caste and religion based politics. For almost 25 years it has been a hen laying golden eggs for opportunists but their time seems to come to an end and they need to redevelop themselves. TMC, AIADMK and BJD has been successful examples of performance. No other factor other than performance could have saved regional players and these three have managed to sweep their respective states. Mayawati (BSP), Nitish Kumar (JDU), Mulayam Singh Yadav(SP) and Badals (SAD) will have to look their counterparts Jayalalitha, Mamta Banerjee and Naveen Patnayak if they think they will play a role in changing India and a changing world.